How to Choose the Best Car Insurance? This is the tricks

Choosing insurance, regardless of the type of insurance is indeed a confusing thing. The many choices of car insurance often make it difficult for people to make the right choice for their car.

In addition to conducting a survey first, there are other tricks to choosing the best car insurance for your four-wheeled vehicle.

One of them, determining the most appropriate type of car insurance. As is known, in addition to All Risk or comprehensive insurance, Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance is generally chosen by four-wheeled vehicle owners.

The following are tricks for choosing the best insurance before deciding which protection to choose:

Do a Survey

The very first thing you need to do is do a survey first. By conducting a survey, you can first study the types of insurance options provided and compare them with other places before finally choosing.

Determine the Right Product

If you have decided on the best car insurance company that you will use. The next step is to choose a product that fits your needs.

In general, there are two types of car insurance to choose from, namely All Risk insurance and TLO insurance.

The All Risk car insurance product means insurance that offers compensation for various kinds of damage and risks that may occur to your car.

While TLO insurance is a type of insurance that offers compensation costs if your vehicle is damaged so that the above conditions are more than 75%.

Partner Workshop Network

Generally, every car insurance company will have a partner workshop. Therefore, before deciding to use car insurance, you should make sure that the insurance company you choose has an extensive network of partner repair shops.

This extensive network of workshops can give you many options when you need a repair shop to do repairs or just maintenance on your favorite car.

Access to Services

Another thing that is also important for you to consider when choosing the best car insurance company for your four-wheeled vehicle is how to access the services offered.

It is recommended that you choose an insurance company that has a 24-hour call center service.

With this service, insurance companies can be more easily contacted whenever needed.

In addition to easy access, you also need to consider what services are offered by the insurance company. It would be better if you choose an insurance company that offers various types of insurance and is fast in providing services.

Some of the services commonly owned by insurance companies are free towing services, emergency safety services and various other services.


Impressions The impressions of customers who have used a product, or more often referred to as testimonials, you can also take into consideration when you want to use any product or service, including insurance.

You can look for these impressions from forums or ask people you know.


If you agree to use insurance from a company, you will be asked to sign.

Before signing it, it is recommended that you read the contents of the letter carefully. Because later you need to follow everything that is written in the letter.

You should make sure that the contents of the letter are in accordance with the agreement previously discussed with the insurance company.
Recommendations Given by Car Showrooms

Usually, when you buy a car at a showroom, you will also be given a recommendation from the best and most trusted insurance company.

The insurance provided will vary depending on where you make a purchase and also the payment method you use.

Car Condition

Before deciding which insurance to use, it’s a good idea to know in advance the condition of the car you have.

Conditions that you need to pay attention to are the age of the vehicle, the body and the condition of the engine.
Those are some tricks to choosing the right insurance for your car.

Some of you may want to know why having insurance is so important? Here are some reasons.

  • Feel calm
  • Helping you to bear various risks ranging from damage to loss.
  • Helping you avoid situations of spending large sums of money suddenly.
  • You can allocate funds for other things because the risk of your car is already covered by it.

That’s the trick of choosing the best car insurance that is right for your four-wheeled vehicle. Hopefully, you can find the insurance that best suits your needs


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